When looking at Côtes du Rhône in the UK market, our client found that most of the wines on offer had very classic, traditional packaging; there was a lack of brands with genuine consumer appeal. With a young and dynamic winemaker, our client wanted the brand to be a quality Côtes du Rhône offering but with real personality and charm. They landed on Enfant Terrible as a name they felt encapsulated not only their winemaker but also the brand itself; young, precocious and rule-breaking. Our brief was to create a brand that was intrinsically French, authentically Côtes du Rhône, and with a personality to match its name.

We couldn’t think of a more recognisable (or appropriate) French enfant terrible to lead the charge for the new brand than Napoleon, who outraged the ancien régime by revolutionising vineyard ownership in France. We designed a classic Côtes du Rhône label which was then humorously defaced by the unseen hand of the brand’s modern day enfant terrible – the winemaker.