In 2009 our client briefed us to develop an affordable, easy-to-understand and quintessentially French wine brand for the Australian market. Such are the complications of understanding French wine labels, many websites have a guide as to how to decipher them. Our client had a simple but radical solution to put the varietal, not just the region, in English on the pack. Eight years on, Le Chat Noir is now the highest selling French table wine brand above $12 in Australia, and the popularity of the brand saw it extending into into the cider category.

French imports were predominantly traditional: the few ones that weren’t were humorous. Our client wanted “something credible, something real. As down to earth as a crusty baguette with saucisson. A wine you would drink with steak and frites in a bistro.”

“It has been an absolute cracker for our business from day one.”

Nicholas Crampton, Managing Director, Fourth Wave Wine.