The Deported joins 19 Crimes’ infamous line-up, with design by Denomination.

Denomination creates the packaging identity for The Deported – 19 Crimes’ innovative “Red Blend Infused with a Shot of Cold Brew Coffee”, which joins the hugely successful roguish range by Treasury Wine Estates.

The Australian global winemaker approached long-term brand partner Denomination because it had identified an opportunity to create a coffee-infused red wine to tap into the millennial sub-culture of artisanal coffee drinking. It needed a packaging identity that would capture the spirit of 19 Crimes and build on its extraordinary global success, while standing out as a premium, unique and surprising SKU. 


Trouble’s brewing


We have created a packaging identity that sits comfortably within the existing portfolio but continues to drive the disruptive ethos of the overall brand and increase consumer awareness,” says Rowena Curlewis, CEO, Denomination.  

19 Crimes has performed strongly in the EMEA market since its introduction. Its unique proposition banishes typical wine conventions and uses a brand story focused on characters exiled from Britain to Australia in the 1800s for one of 19 crimes punishable by transportation. Its irreverent label design and use of AR technology has excited and engaged consumers with shared stories and experiences, while keeping a close eye on trends to recruit new fans to the brand with innovative additions.


A shot of inspiration


The cold-brew coffee messaging takes centre stage without compromising the overall brand style. There arestrategically placed coffee cup ring stains on the label. There’s even a slight distortion of the words ‘The Deported’ where the coffee cup mark has made the ink ‘spread’. Further coffee cues come in the form of a coffee bean icon on the neck, and the scripted descriptor on the main label.


“Having worked on previous SKUs within the range, the Denomination design team relished the opportunity of being given the freedom to further express the irreverent nature of 19 Crimes, while communicating the unexpected fusion of cold-brew coffee and red wine,” says Curlewis.


Ben Blake, Head of Marketing EMEA: “Denomination has played a pivotal role in continuing the success of 19 Crimes pack design, and as such were the right team to develop this latest expression. The team understand the importance of brand integrity and ensuring premiumness, but always bring an innovative and exciting energy to every project. We are very pleased with their design of The Deported.”