Launched in 2002, Echo Falls has been a huge success story with its easy-drinking Californian wines. The second largest wine brand in the UK, Echo Falls was an innovator in producing fruit-flavoured wines as well as traditional varietals. However, the market was becoming increasingly fragmented with consumers looking to new entrants such as hard seltzer. Echo Falls was losing traction with packaging that both trade and consumers felt was dated and cheap. Our task was to breathe new life into Echo Falls and create a strong branding system that made it easy for consumers to navigate between wine, fruit wine and seltzers.

Our solution was to create a waterfall icon to reflect the Echo Falls brand name. Used on every tier, the waterfall was strong yet flexible, so colour and content could change per varietal, allowing for clear differentiation as well as flavour cues. The simplified typography and touches of gold foil, combined with the vibrance and dynamism of the waterfall image creates a clean, crisp and appealing presence.

“We asked Denomination to come on board because the brand had become confused and was trying to be too many things to too many people. What Denomination did was create a brand identity that brought clarity and focus… it didn’t hang together or make sense as it was. Denomination made it joyful again and brought back the elegance. Echo Falls is now a brand that is responding to modern consumer issues, with lighter-weight bottles and lower ABVs, but it’s also young and sophisticated without being complicated. The response on social media has been amazing”.

Caroline Thompson-Hill, Managing Director Europe, Accolade Wines.