When we were briefed to create a new brand for a range of Loire Valley wines, the client wanted to capture the splendour of the region with its magnificent châteaux. La Noblesse wines were to be modern expresssions of the Loire Valley so the labels also need to reflect this. Labels with a château on the front are the standard uniform of French wines, so we opted for something a little different. Using 17th century French portrait engravings, we dramatically cropped them to focus on the splendour of the sitter and create a poweful contemporary image. The branding is printed on each bottle, simulating the system in many French wine shops of marking the bottle with a white Chinagraph crayon.

Topped with a vibrant yellow capsule, the colour pays tribute to the surprising capsule colours found on many old French wines and creates a strong brand statement on shelf. On the shipping cartons the intriguing cropped portraits create dramatic instore displays.