Strongbow, a leading cider brand, saw the potential of capitalising on the boom in lighter drinks styles: rosé, Aperol spritz and sparkling wines. They were keen to target non-cider drinkers with an offering that would give them a refreshing and delicious alternative to wine or cocktails. The packaging needed to appeal to a predominantly female millennial audience: a big shift away from Strongbow’s traditional unisex base. As well, we needed to communicate the sophisticated positioning of the cider which was blended with a touch of rosé wine.

Tinted the palest pink to offset the delicate colour of the cider, the label features an apple branch in full blossom: the apples and leaves providing natural cider cues whilst the blossoms add the femininity and reflect the brand name. The branding and Strongbow logo in a touch of gold foil communicates a premium offering.

The treatment of the illustration is reminiscent of vintage floral fabrics coveted by fashionistas as well as millennials for their uniqueness and elegance. The shipping carton makes the most of the illustration, standing out with its soft femininity amongst the competitive set.