Great ideas often come from simply listening.


Cherubino Wines has produced a range of exceptional wines from its Pemberton vineyard – Channybearup – an area where it is notoriously difficult to grow grapes. The wines display a purity and clarity of fruit, using organic-sustainably-produced fruit, hand-picked, whole-bunch pressed, with hands-off winemaking.


Larry Cherubino talked about his winemaking and vineyard selection philosophy, saying: “on the fringes is where you get the greatest reward”. This became the genesis of the design idea: creative winemaking pushed to the outer limits.


The design features Larry’s hand-written quote, sitting at the very bottom edge of the label. The tension of the negative space of the empty label draws the eye to the quote which is partially torn through, emphasising its extreme and unusual positioning. Using unique technology developed by MCC label printers, each label is individually torn to reflect the handmade nature of the wine.