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As packaging and collateral designers, we believe mindful choices are key to driving sustainability. So when we work with our clients, the paperstocks we specify, the bottles we choose, the discussions we have with clients and suppliers alike, can have a big impact on the environment. By influencing brands to have sustainability at the forefront of their decision making, and in turn, manufacturers and suppliers, we can help reduce the impact that our brands’ packaging has on our earth.

We also want to ensure that we too make mindful choices every day in our own work environments. Each Denomination office has a well-used recycling system in operation. We have chosen environments that have open windows to reduce our need for air conditioning. We are lobbying our landlords to have clean and solar energy used within each of our office buildings. We employ sustainability consultants to provide continuous training to our team so that they have the necessary knowledge at hand to make the right choices and recommendations for our packaging designs.

Denomination has been Climate Neutral Certified since Earth Day 2021, certified in 2022 and again in 2023.