We work in a dirty business and it’s time to clean it up.
22+ years in drinks
Denomination Futureproof
Applying our twenty two years of drinks expertise to provide specialist solutions to your sustainability challenges.
What’s happening in the world of sustainability and drinks?
Packaging is the Leading Factor in a Beverage Brand’s Carbon Footprint
raw materials
waste disposal
Source: World: Packaging is largest contributor to beer's carbon footprint. Christian Kolsch. March 2022. Inside.beer/news/detail/world-packaging-is-largest-contributor-to-beers-carbon-footprint/
Consumers are willing to pay a premium for products from a sustainable brand over a non-sustainable competitor brand. (01)
Brands have on an average seven seconds to make a favorable impression before the customer moves on to the next option. (02)
Packaging is one of the single biggest influences on consumer purchase
But, in a world of overstimulation and information overload...
sustainabilitY intentions
The gap between consumers sustainability intentions and actions is widening.
Lack of Education
Trust in Brands
Brewed with 100% wind power
Made with up to 30% plants and up to 30% less petroleum
By 2015, 100% of cups to be recyclable or reusable
50% less plastic than half litre bottles
Corporate sustainability initiatives arefar-reaching, complex and ‘boring’ to consumers.
Competitor Comparison
cancel culture
Public Perception of Greenwashing
changing Expectations
not doing enough
inefficient action
Today, marketing sustainability efforts feels too high-risk
And yet...
Consumers, say it is businesses’ responsibility to solve climate and environmental issues.*
Kantar research, Global Issues Barometer
Employees say organisations should step up when governments fail to fix society’s problems.*
Investors would sell their investment if a company does not sufficiently address ESG issues.*
Brands with strong sustainability DNA outperform competitors by 21%*
Denomination Futureproof
Futureproof Innovation
Working with you to ideate, create and develop powerful sustainable brand champions.
This process is designed to challenge the status-quo and help your business develop category defining brand behaviour. Creating sustainable brand champions from scratch or helping existing brands re-invigorate their relevancy.
What We Offer
Up-to-date knowledge of global and local market governing regulations
Key consumer and category drivers
Access to leading packaging innovators across global markets and supply-chains.
Case Study: Wise Wolf
Wise Wolf
the brief
Create a wine brand that leads the industry for sustainability, utilising the name ‘Wise Wolf’ which the business already owned.
The Challenge
Creating meaning for the name Wise Wolf. There was an inherent cue to nature and the environment but we needed to articulate a clear and succinct purpose and reason for being.
Balancing disruptive sustainability with consumer trust. This brand would need to engage a consumer that wasn’t necessarily highly engaged in wine. Sustainability could not present a compromise in the sophistication and credibility of the quality of the wine.
Delivering genuine sustainability leadership and innovation through packaging with existing packaging suppliers.
Through a thorough and collaborative immersion weclarified, not only the ambitions but a thorough understanding of the business context influencing the project;
  • How this brief fed into the broader business context and ESG initiatives.
  • The procurement process, requirements, existing suppliers and opportunities for new packaging partnerships.
  • The competitor and category context, including learnings from key retail customers and success stories from analogous categories.
  • A thorough consumer understanding including the primary drivers and key barriers to their sustainability behaviour and wine purchasing.
packaging solution
We looked at every single component of the packaging, supply-chain and end-of-life waste management to provide a solution that is truly revolutionary for the industry.
the closure
Incorporating a cutting-edge sustainable closure solution from Guala. We worked closely with our clients key customer and Guala to develop a bespoke closure solution that not only features recycled aluminium but avoids any ‘watch-list’ chemicals.
the label
We used a 100% recycled pulp, white, uncoated matt woodfree printing paper. By avoiding virgin materials and wood fibres this solution not only reduces waste but reduces the amount of water required in production.
the bottle
100% Post-consumer waste glass and 100% recyclable. Did you know that most suppliers of recycled glass use post-industrial waste as opposed to post-consumer waste? By ensuring the use of post-consumer waste Wise Wolf is capturing glass waste that might otherwise ended up in roads or worse still landfill.
Wise Wolf bottle
recycled content throughout the entire package.
recyclable, including our cartons which are made of 100% recycled paper pulp.
reduction in energy requirements (compared to standard 750ml glass bottle).
client testimonial
“Denomination has an uncompromising dedication to sustainability and a passion for beautiful designs, so were the perfect choice for Wise Wolf. They constantly challenged us to maximise the amount of recycled content, without ever compromising on the design, and their vast knowledge and strong contracts with suppliers was invaluable. What they have helped create demonstrates that we can use the maximum amount of recycled material and deliver a quality range of wine to consumers.”
Nancy Baghdadi, WIse Wolf Founder
Marketing Sustainability
Bridging the gap between corporate responsibility and brand behaviour.
We help businesses and brands establish, reinforce and/or build from existing ESG initiatives to drive consumer engagement and ROI.
What We Offer
Existing brand sustainability ‘health-check’ and solutions mapping
Brand purpose development
TOV and key messaging
Building trust - key partnerships
Case Study: Tread Softly
Learn more
Tread Softly
Packaging Optimization
As a primary and integral component of a brand’s expression, along with a large portion of a brands sustainability - packaging optimisation has never been more important.
Importantly, optimising packaging sustainability is about so much more than weight.
key lenses
Carbon footprint (inc scope 3 analysis in supply-chain) - raw materials, format, weight, shipping requirements etc.
Toxicity: Avoiding carbon-based plastic adhesives, non-toxic inks. Reviewing processing requirements, toxic-bleaching of paper stocks etc.
Waste-reduction/ Resource efficiency. Through a full audit of the current packaging components and life-cycle we identify opportunities to reduce waste across the supply-chain, as well as increase resource efficiency’s such as energy and water.
Case Study: Crate
Learn more
We provide tailored training modules and workshops to help up-skill your marketing teams with the tools and knowledge they need to drive sustainable solutions and ESG understanding throughout your brands and business.
key topics
Systems thinking
Greenwashing, Do’s and Don’ts
Sustainable Sourcing and Printing
Material Values
The Packaging Manufacturing Process
Waste Management
Accreditations & Collaborators
Corporate Social Responsibility is a non-negotiable investment. Business as usual has an expiration date. Denomination Futureproof exists to make sure you are ready for the ‘new normal’.
Sustainability in drinks
As packaging and collateral designers, we believe mindful choices are key to driving sustainability. So when we work with our clients, the paperstocks we specify, the bottles we choose, the discussions we have with clients and suppliers alike, can have a big impact on the environment. By influencing brands to have sustainability at the forefront of their decision making, and in turn, manufacturers and suppliers, we can help reduce the impact that our brands’ packaging has on our earth.
We also want to ensure that we too make mindful choices every day in our own work environments. Each Denomination office has a well-used recycling system in operation. We have chosen environments that have open windows to reduce our need for air conditioning. We are lobbying our landlords to have clean and solar energy used within each of our office buildings. We employ sustainability consultants to provide continuous training to our team so that they have the necessary knowledge at hand to make the right choices and recommendations for our packaging designs.
Denomination has been Climate Neutral Certified since Earth Day 2021, certified in 2022 and again in 2023.
Climate Neutral Certified