Sustainability with Patrick Bryson.

When did your own sustainability journey begin? 
My awareness of global warming began in 2006 with Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. This was updated recently in 2017 and although a hopeful sequel to the original film, emphasises the urgency we need to meet the demands of the moment. I have also been influenced by McDonough and Braungart’s ‘Cradle to Cradle’ approach which was a revelation when I came across it in 2010-12. I learnt very quickly that on an individual level it is hard to have any real impact due to the scale of the challenge, so I found out what I could do – now I eat plant-based food, drive an electric car, consciously consider my consumption and invest ethically.


What does 2022 bring for the Drinks Industry in terms of sustainability? 
What are the biggest hopes / challenges?
The biggest challenge is facing up to the fact that all of us in the developing world are part of a huge system and narrative that does not really appreciate the intrinsic value of our earth’s raw materials. We have a take and use mindset that is difficult to uproot and is incredibly wasteful. We need new models and new thinking focussed on creating truly circular systems. There is much to be hopeful for as so many new opportunities are emerging – scientifically and economically. At Denomination, armed with expert advice and training received over the past few years, we are aiming to educate and advise our clients on the most effective sustainable options where possible. Bio-mimetics, for instance, is an exciting new field where scientists in biology, physics and chemistry are learning to copy nature and engineer new products. Already new materials are beginning to appear which do not pollute, and this is beginning to generate a new growth economy.


What does it take for someone to become a leader in sustainability?  
Being a leader in sustainability means thinking creatively to help change people’s minds and habits so that they re-consider the value of every material we use. It also means thinking creatively in our personal lives and at work so that we can uproot the narrative of use and waste that defines the world economy. At Denomination I am part of a dedicated sustainability team who, with the full backing of the owners, have been guided by a sustainability & circularity expert. It is important to constantly update our knowledge and understanding in order to see through the complexity and decide on the best sustainably-informed choice, depending on our clients circumstances. I am proud to be part of a team and company who are concerned but also excited to make the changes necessary.