We were briefed by our client Distinguished Vineyards to create a name and brand identity for a new range of wines that would support the James Beard Foundation: a non-profit organisation whose mission is to support chefs and others in the food industry to make food culture more diverse and sustainable. Inspired by the food aspect of the brief, we branded the new wines ‘Dough’, suggesting hands-on creation as well as the ability to transform through rising. Just like any organisation or social movement, dough requires care and nurturing, so that the ingredients meld together to rise properly. Lastly, there is the double meaning of dough which is money: linking to our client’s goal to bring funding to the James Beard Foundation.

The identity features a simple typographic logo – dough coloured of course – where the descender of the ‘g” is loaf-shaped. The labels are in beautiful soft, muted organic colours with a restrained elegance and simplicity. A tagline on the front of each label encourages consumers to buy – and therefore donate. It also infers the excellent quality of the wine will elevate their drinking occasion.