Brown Estate is Napa Valley’s only black-owned estate winery. In 1995 siblings Deneen, David and Coral Brown planted vines on land that their parents had farmed since 1980. Today Brown Estate is highly regarded for the quality of its wines, all sustainably grown on their estate. However, the family had long cherished the idea of a more affordable brand which had had diversity and inclusivity at its heart. The brand was to move outside their usual estate-grown offering, and was to be retailed at a more affordable price point. House of Brown was to be, in the family’s words, a brand where “everyone was welcome”.

Deneen Brown had a strong vision for House of Brown: it was to be modern and fashionable, and it needed to portray diversity in a unique and appealing way. Inspired by fashion magazines we wrapped the House of Brown branding around the bottle to create a backdrop to the striking image. Created from a collage of people of different genders and ethnicities, the beautiful yet powerful image is interwoven with fruits and flowers echoing the wine notes.

Every aspect of the House of Brown is welcoming: to the messaging on the capsule tops to the vibrant and dynamic image. It creates a refreshing change for consumers in what can be be an intimidating category.

“We have always sought to provide an entrée, a safe space in fact, for consumers who historically felt a little left out of the Napa Valley wine realm. What Denomination has helped us convey with House of Brown is an important aspect of Brown Estate’s evolution. The Brown brand has never been more vibrant, more dynamic, or more diverse.”

Deneen Brown, President, Brown Estate Wines.