Anyone who has been to Portugal who has been lucky enough to be introduced to the delights of porto tonica – made with white port – will know what a deliciously refreshing drink it is. Our client, proud new new owners of the stunning Quinta da Pedra Alta vineyard, wanted to bring one of Portugal’s best kept secrets – white port- to the rest of the world. They understood the barrier to many consumers drinking white port was a lack of understanding as to how to drink it- as well as old-fashioned packaging common in the category. Our client briefed us to do something that broke traditional port conventions and conveyed the elegance and lightness of the port.

With origins tracing back to to 1761, Quinta da Pedra Alta is the only vineyard to have three original feitoria: historic granite markers that were used to demarcate the Port region. Our client wanted to use the rich and unique history of the vineyard to create interesting storytelling: they wanted their brand to be a contemporary interpretation of the region.

The feitoria were our starting point: we created a contemporary marque of the three stones, used in a distinctive die-cut in the top right-hand corner of the label. A frosted clear glass bottle highlights the beautiful colour of the liquid. An innovative heat-embossed label created a stunning translucent image of the flora found in the vineyard.

Allowing consumers to see the pale liquid was key- many ports are in dark glass and so seem rich and heavy. the pale liquid, combined with the packaging give powerful visual semiotics about what the port is like to drink: light and elegant with a touch of floral notes. The wrap label tells the history of Quinta da Pedra Alta as well as the ingredients for the iconic porto tonica.

“The design for Pedra No. 03 White Port along with the overall brand identity has certainly been a significant factor in the White Port gaining distribution, sales and interest in a very traditional sector… the uniqueness and modernity of the packaging design, combined with the quality of the product, have been extremely well received.”

Andy Brown, Commercial Director, Quinta da Pedra Alta.