Taylors Wines wanted to develop a unique commemorative package that would not only celebrate 50 years of winemaking, but also the three generations of family that have built the business to where it is today. Aimed at collectors, this wine was to represent the very pinnacle of winemaking as well as presentation. Four years in the making, the packaging involved jewellers and master craftsmen. A bespoke sculpture of three slightly twisting highly polished pillars which cradle the bottle. Each pillar represents a generation of family and is engraved with a signature from each, creating a monument to the family’s long-standing commitment to excellence.

A jeweller crafted the family’s iconic seahorses in polished rhodium to adorn the front of the bottle. A bespoke polished capsule is released with a pin to reveal the latest NFC technology that acts as a tamper evident device and guarantee of authenticity.

“The care and craftsmanship over a four-year period – engineering details, solving incredibly complex problems with elements that, to the eye, seem so refined – has been a great challenge, but the results speak for themselves.”

Rowena Curlewis, Denomination.