When winemaker Larry Cherubino had three giant concrete ‘egg’ tanks delivered to his winery, he knew the packaging had to reflect this revolutionary way of maturing wine. Wine made within the ovoid shape is purer than anything achieved traditionally, as the lees are continuously forced upward by a naturally occurring vortex, creating wines with a purity and texture that is unsurpassed. Named “Uovo” (egg in Italian) Cherubino wanted the packaging to reflect the unique hand-made winemaking process and and delicate nature of the wines.

The strikingly simple label, executed in a warm white eggshell textured paper, immediately conveys the brand name as well as the highly unusual form of the wine tank. To reflect the pure, stripped-back nature of the winemaking, the label is devoid of graphics, letting the shape alone become an intriguing and unique identifier.

Each bottle is packaged in its own ‘egg’ box: a standard moulded pulp wine mailer customised with an outer sleeve. The irregularity of the raw pulp added earthy hand-made cues as well as matched the concrete colour of the wine tanks.

“The main thing about Uovo is that consumers absolutely love the packaging, then they taste the wine, and it all ties together…the pack, the method, the wine. It’s so simple but so effective. For example, when you only have 20 seconds to pitch a wine to a sommelier, with Uovo it’s dead easy. Job done!”

Larry Cherubino, Winemaker, Cherubino Wines.