Denomination clients who are “walking the walk”.

Nicholas Crampton, Owner, Fourth Wave

Nicholas Crampton is a leader in driving sustainability in the Australian wine industry. With brands such as Tread Softly, Cowpunk and Farm Hand, this company has been responsible for creating innovative brands that leave a lighter footprint on the earth.

Caroline Thompson-Hill

Caroline Thompson-Hill is the Managing Director of Accolade Wines Europe, and has been responsible for driving the sustainability agenda of that business in Europe. From a carbon-neutral brand portfolio, to spearheading innovation in the field, Caroline shares her thoughts on sustainability and Denomination’s role in partnering with Accolade.

Steve Myers, Managing Director North America, Distinguished Vineyards & Wine Partners

Sustainability is not just about the environment: it’s also cover Social and Economic levers too. Steve Myers, Managing Director of Distinguished Vineyards, has been driving positive societal change through the development of the Dough brand in partnership with the James Beard Foundation.