Denomination sustainability blog series

Number 8: Wise Wolf

As we look beyond plastic-free July we wanted to highlight the game-changing solutions already leading the way toward the future we need. Wise Wolf by Banrock Station is just that, with a category re-defining pack that proves a sustainable and circular future is not only possible – it has arrived.


Wise Wolf is named after the keystone species, whose role within their eco-systems is to maintain the fragile balance between all life. Their positive influence acting as the catalyst for natural harmony enabling all living things to thrive. With a pack made from 95.1% recycled content and can be recycled again too, Wise Wolf is that catalyst.


Crafted using the most cutting-edge and innovative packaging formats and technologies, the power of the pack comes from all the little details. The glass is made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass cullet, with labels made from 100% recycled paper and closures made from 100% recycled plastic. The finished pack is one that we believe demonstrates the beauty of natural imperfections.


Certified Carbon Neutral, Wise Wolf is empowering every wine lover to enjoy wine’s pleasures without sacrificing the environment that made it.