Natural wines are wines in their original state: no preservatives added, no dairy or animal products added. Combined with using organic fruit from sustainably certified vineyards, you get a wine that is as natural and as fresh as can be. Natural wines are very popular amongst  the hipster set: many have extremely left-of-field labels which can be pretty intimidating to the uninitiated. Our client wanted to tap into the hype of natural but create a range of natural wines not just for the hipsters: these wines were to be for a broader market, cool but not intimidating.

It was important too that the brand persona and image married to the naturalness of the wine’s profile. Cowpunk music is about being unvarnished, real, and lacking in “gloss” – very similar characteristics to the wine. So we called the brand Cowpunk to capture both earthy naturalness, combined with a touch of edginess.

The packaging also needed to align to the naturalness of the wine, and so we designed Cowpunk  packaging to be eco friendly with reusable bottles with a swing-top closure. In the next year, consumers will be able to refill their favourite Cowpunk varietal at the winery and in select stores.

The labels, with their single coloured print with no additional foils or glossy varnishes, aligns to the brand’s personality and environmentally-sensitive credentials.