Our client briefed us to create a brand which was to be “a next generation wine for the next generation drinker”. This younger generation of environmentally aware and health-conscious consumers are seeking wines with a difference: sustainable, naturally made with minimal preservatives, and naturally lower in alcohol. We called the brand Tread Softly to reflect the brand’s awareness of its environmental footprint and to communicate the lighter, more delicate style of the wines.

The beautiful image of insects, flowers and birds on the back label reinforces the sustainable ethos of the brand as well as reflects the light and delicate nature of the wines. Consumers immediately responded to the delicate sophistication of the brand, which quickly extended to a prosecco in both bottle and can format.

On the front label the branding is deliberately tiny: not only does this entice consumers to stop and read, it also reflects the message of the brand name and creates a quietly powerful shelf presence.The tiny ladybird by woodcut artist Mark Wilkinson then comes to life on the glorious capsule and back label.

As part of the brand’s sustainable positioning, a tree is planted for every case sold. We bought this promise to life for in-store displays with diecut recycled cardboard trees: once again using beauty and restraint to tell a powerful message.