As protecting the environment is increasingly at the forefront of many people’s minds, the need for sustainable packaging has become more pressing. Consumers, especially younger millennials, are actively looking to brands that make them feel good about the choices they make with their purchases.


Accolade Wines wanted to create a new brand that was bold and unapologetic about trying to build better packaging solutions, which will pave the way for others in the industry to follow. 


With the new Wise Wolf brand by Banrock Station, our design challenges the status quo by rewriting the rules around traditional wine packaging, in the hope of inspiring others in the industry to join on a journey towards a more circular future. Every material used in the packaging has been carefully considered, along with evaluating the environmental impact of freight methods, routes, bottle shape, and size:

Bottle: 100% post-consumer recycled glass cullet 
Labels: 100% recycled paper 
Closure: 100% recycled plastic 
Shipping carton: 100% recycled paper pulp 

With a vision to close the loop and help build a more circular economy, the total pack is made from 95.1% recycled content and can be recycled again. The remaining 4.9% consists of a virgin liner and bonding agents, used within the packaging.


With natural, mossy, earthy textures and tones found in the wild, the colour palette also reflects that idea of a return to nature, while the scratched texture on the bottle’s surface communicates the brand’s environmental credentials and link back to the wolf’s fur. A round label shape was chosen to not only stand out but also to communicate the environmental credentials by echoing the circular motion of recycling, as well as the circle of life.  


The unusual shape of the bottle – chosen from the Wildly Crafted Range at Estal – is also used to attract attention, yet it still has the tapered wine bottle shape to give it a sense of familiarity. 


The bottle, whilst using 100% recycled glass, can also be recycled again.


Central to the Wise Wolf tier is the transparency of information. A QR code is available on each label linking to a website that gives more information on the environmental credentials of each component of the packaging.


“Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our commitment to constantly search for new and better ways of doing things. We’re on a journey with our packaging. It’s not perfect yet – nothing is. Whilst we have done our bit to ensure all elements contain the highest possible percentage of recycled content and are recyclable again, unfortunately, not all local municipalities have the infrastructure to recycle everything. They too are on a journey. As technology is constantly evolving, we’re committed to continually improving and being at the forefront of game-changing innovation that strives to make the world and our industry a better place” 
– Nancy Baghdadi, Global Innovation Director, Accolade Wines


Wise Wolf is a ground-breaking innovation in wine that signals that circular future has arrived.