Our Team

The Denomination Sustainability team consists of a small group of passionate environmentalists. Working under the guidance of Circuthon Consulting’s founding principal Paul Foulkes-Arellano, this team has undergone intensive training in all aspects of environmental packaging and the impact of various EPR legislation on brands.


This sustainability team ploughs through the daily media articles and industry reports on the topic. It’s huge and at times overwhelming. But we realise that as packaging designers, we have a duty of care in terms of the paperstocks we specify, the bottles we choose, the discussions we have with suppliers and clients alike, to help drive the sustainability agenda and in doing so help to care for our earth.

Mariella Menato is our Sustainability Officer, Strategy. She has driven the development of Futureproof, and is an advocate for ensuring that sustainability is top of mind for all Denomination clients. To read about Mariella’s philosophy on leading a sustainable life, please

Patrick Bryson is our Sustainability Officer, Production. Patrick has spent hours, weeks and months, reading and researching on all packaging elements so that he has the latest information to hand when it comes to recommending actions within our Futureproof model. To read about Patrick’s sustainable life, please

Daniela Shield instigated Denomination’s journey to becoming advocates for climate change solutions with her arresting Lunchtime Learning presentations. As such, she is Denomination’s Sustainability Officer, Internal Liaison. To read about Daniela’s thinking on sustainability, please

Rowena Curlewis is our CEO and has proudly watched and supported the development of the Denomination Sustainability Team. It is her mission to ensure that all Denomination clients are putting sustainability at the top of their agendas. To read about Row’s sustainable life, please