Walking the Walk

Part of our philosophy is that it’s not enough to talk the talk, you also have to walk the walk. If we are going to recommend sustainable solutions to our clients, we have an obligation to take active steps to make our own drinks agency business as sustainable as possible.


Becoming a C02 neutral company has been one of the steps we have taken, and we were granted Climate Neutral Certification on Earth Day: April 22nd, 2021.


We endeavour to make mindful choices every day in our own work environments. Each Denomination office has a well-used recycling system in operation. We have chosen office environments that have open windows to reduce our need for air conditioning. We are lobbying our landlords to have clean and solar energy used within each of our office buildings. We employ sustainability consultants to provide continuous training to our team so that they have the necessary knowledge at hand to make the right choices and recommendations for our packaging designs.


We see that our role is to bring sustainability to the table of every client conversation. It should be the start of every briefing session, and by making it a part of every conversation, it will become normalised to think of implications and solutions for each part of the packaging chain. Similarly, to POS material, collateral, merchandise etc. By influencing brands to have sustainability at the forefront of their decision making, and in turn, manufacturers and suppliers, we can help reduce the impact that our brands’ packaging has on our earth.