My Sustainable Life

Daniela Shield

“The impact of climate change is my main concern and the lack of change and indecision from our world leaders is frustrating.


… if not now, when?  We need to start somewhere and everyone’s choice has an impact. By starting with my own choices I can feel a bit more empowered and encourage others that sustainable living is possible.


At Denomination, I have instigated our changes in recycling and waste collection to divert easily-recycled waste out of landfill. Educating each of our teams through a series of Lunchtime Learning sessions has been key to this: by sharing information, they have become more aware of what they can do and that small changes in their habits can have an impact.


In my personal life, I make conscious choices about the items we buy and their end of life. We have looked more closely at our financials, and have channeled our Superannuation investments away from fossil fuel businesses. We have switched energy providers, and we now choose a plant based diet for our weekly meals.


Being part of Denomination’s sustainability team has meant that my learning and understanding of the challenges we face has grown enormously, and I can know use that knowledge to create more sustainable , eco-friendly packaging, and guide clients to make more sustainable choices.”