My Sustainable Life

Rowena Curlewis

“It is my belief that wine truly is the “canary in the coal mine” on climate change. The fragility of grapes means they are sensitive to changes in temperature and vintage conditions. We have seen this in Bordeaux with the almost-forced introductions of new varietals, and the way that our viticulturists are changing their vineyards the world over.


At Denomination, given we are so intrinsically linked to the agricultural sector, particularly grapes and grains, we felt our clients needed a partner who could walk the sustainability journey with them; educating, supporting and continuously learning with them in terms of sustainable packaging solutions.


Within our business, we had a group of passionate environmentalists across our studios who showed great interest and determination to address climate change. This team has worked tirelessly together to create a new model for our clients to benefit from their intensive learning. I could not be prouder of them all.


At home, our family has also integrated the learnings from Futureproof into the way we live our lives. Switching to green energy providers, changing to electric cars and to solar energy are some of the steps we have taken, along with avid recycling. There is a lot more still to do, but every small step in the right direction adds up.”