Decoy wines are a favourite with consumers for their quality Sonoma County and Napa Valley wines. The winery wanted to introduce new consumers to the brand and felt they could leverage the popularity of seltzers and the growing demand for lower-alcohol products. Our brief was to create packaging for Decoy Seltzers which would delight their current wine consumers as well as seltzer drinkers. As it was Decoy branded, the client wanted to ensure it was not confused with a canned wine. Our brief was to communicate refreshment, lower in alcohol and calories as well as the sophisticated flavour profiles: Decoy wine but “with a twist.”

We took Decoy’s iconic wooden duck and added a twist: a natural citrus peel in his beak changes to reflect each flavour profile. The clean, elegant white packaging with subtle spritz bubbles communicates refreshment cues as well as the seltzer style and stands out as a premium offering in the crowded seltzer category.

“Crafting the first premium varietal wine-based seltzer was a major endeavor for us. We knew the package was going to play a crucial role in the launch and Denomination brought a highly strategic approach to the design. They were able to skillfully combine the classic elements of luxury wine with the innovative elements of hard seltzer to create a package that was unique to the category and represented the upscale aesthetic and iconography of the Decoy winery brand.”

Kevin Dowling, Vice President, Trade Marketing, The Duckhorn Portfolio.