Lenna is superb historic mansion set on the foreshore in Battery Point, Hobart. Lenna has been a local landmark since it was built in 1874, and the magnificent house is now a boutique hotel. Proprietors Lloyd and Jan Clark had recently established a micro-distillery in one of Lenna’s historic outbuildings, and they wanted to launch a small-batch, bespoke gin that reflected the personality of Lenna and its history. A key part of the brief was to reflect the hand-picked botanicals the gin was distilled with, as well as have a strong presence both on shelf and behind the bar.

Naturally a visit to Lenna was key to finding inspiration for the new gin brand- and we found it on the front verandah: beautiful encaustic tiles in a highly distinctive colour palette greet the visitor to the house. We felt the ornamental border from the tiles could create a striking pack: and we were right.

The tile motif, did indeed, translate beautifully to the packaging and created a poweful and distinctive presence in crowded bar environments. The stylised leaf and flower elements of the tile design tie in perfectly with the hand-picked botanical messaging on the back label.

The gin is entirely hand-bottled and the labels are hand-numbered to emphasise the tiny batches in which it was made. The packaging can also be used to create a striking display both for in-store promotion and in the bar at Lenna: the strong visual means every visitor makes the connection between the gin and the house itself. Like Lenna, the gin which bears its name can’t be overlooked.